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Help From Unlikely Places

Mercedes Benz 190SLIf you own or drive a classic car, you will know that sooner or later it will break down. It's something that can be mitigated by regular maintenance but never fully avoided.

Earlier this week, I managed to repair a failed accelerator with little more than a piece of leather from a novelty keyring and a broken spring. Not my finest repair but it did the job.


Later that day, I was showing my repair to someone who half jokingly said, "It looks like it will last longer than me".
I laughed but he reassured me he was very serious, so naturally I asked him what was wrong...

"Well", he said, "for starters I have sepsis and should be in hospital right now, on top of that my business is down the pan and my daughter is on the verge of disowning me."

Now, I'm not the kind of person to let a comment like that go...
Why wasn't he in hospital getting himself sorted I wanted to know.

He was doing a TV interview that day and he couldn't get anyone to cover for him, he'd even gone so far as to offer £1,000 to someone and they still refused.

I won't lie, I gave this poor guy a bit of a hard stare.

I asked him how on earth he thought he would be able to repair his family issues if he didn't get on top of his own health.
What was the point of worrying about his business if he was going to be too ill (or worse) to start to turn it around?

I suggested to him that he should view the next day as his first birthday. That every action he took on that day would have an impact and effect on whatever he chose to do next.
He had a choice - he could do nothing and watch everything fall apart or he could step up and take responsibility.

It's an odd feeling when a stranger puts his arm around you and says Thank You - but it's absolutely why I love what I do.

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