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Do Penguins Have Knees..?

1P7A2999-1How can you keep learning in adult life, without going back to school or embarking on time consuming and costly courses?

It's actually quite a bit simpler than you may think.

I've always been a keen reader - it's not always good quality stuff but occasionally things stuck in my mind as a youngster that I now make more sense of as an adult. Even when I used to read bedtime stories to my children, I put little bits of information away for future use - I understood Romeo and Juliette by reading a children's adaptation!

Screen time - we all enjoy a bit of that and despite what people say, it doesn't all have to be videos of cats falling out of trees. Unless you're a vet maybe, then you might be able to put some professional spin into it.
Think about something that you're interested in or a person that inspires you and have a look at what is being said about them.

What about the people you surround yourself with - are they like you or different to you? Do you agree or disagree with what they say? What can you learn from them and their experience? Even people you don't particularly align with will have something that you can learn from.

Looking at the news can be depressing and scary but it can also be educational and inspirational. The really important thing to remember is that you will find what your looking for. If you go looking for bad news, you will find it. Go looking for funny, enjoyable and empowering news and you'll find that too.

Even if you see something that you don't particularly like, distance yourself from the face value of it and see if you can for a balanced opinion about it.

Write a list of things that you would like to know more about - it could be pretty much anything, the answers are all out there. Maybe you've sometimes wondered if penguins have knees or why we have eyebrows, well, the answers are out there!
Be curious - never assume there are no answers and if you don't find them easily, keep looking.

One of the most powerful things you can say is, "I don't know". It sends strong messages to yourself and the people you're talking to. Children expect grown ups to know everything, sometimes adults do too.

If you're asked a question that you can't answer, by admitting you don't know tells the person you're talking with that you are honest and can be trusted to not just make stuff up.
It also tells you that you might want to go and find out something new.

Every day, we learn new things whether we want to or not. If you take control of what you choose to learn, it can only make you more knowledgeable.

And for the record - penguins do have knees. They're tucked up by their belly.

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